Three Circular Walks

Enjoy three colour coded walking trails each giving a different experience and rich in wildlife.

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Blue Trail

The Blue Trail takes you though a part of the ancient oak woodland that is a particular favourite of ours.

Keep a look out for the wild flowers and if you're really quiet you might see some wild deer, squirrels and a whole host of wild birds.

It is the most gentle of our three walking trails, although there are still some steep steps, tree roots and boulders to negotiate. This trail can be completed in around 30 minutes at a leisurely pace. During mid-February and March you can see some wonderful Snowdrops in flower and from April to Early-May there is a fabulous carpet of Bluebells blooming. Later on you get the acid-green leaves and later still enjoy the dappled shade of the canopy of leaves with the sun-light glistening through.

You'll find the Children's Nature Trail Challenge on this trail. Look out for the information boards along the way as they give interesting facts about the natural world, animals, birds and plants. The board at the start of the walk near the main picnic ares explain what to do. There's also a little activity to complete to earn your FREE PRIZE!


Red Trail

The Red Trail is where you'll find the main waterfall. The famous Becky Falls.

This trail takes you 70 feet (over 21 meters) down to the base of the waterfall and then along the river before crossing the bridge and making your way back up the other side. It takes about 45 minutes to take in this beautiful natural rugged walk (if you don't use the short cut).

For some this can be more demanding with steep steps down and back up the other side. Due to the beautiful, natural boulder strewn valley there are many areas where the boulders act as steps along with areas of ancient tree roots and other natural obstacles, so sensible shoes are must!

Be on the lookout throughout the year for Herons, Deer and a whole host of other wildlife.

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Purple Trail

The Purple Trail adjoins the Red Trail and is often the choice of those with a spirit of adventure as it is more steep in places. The trail includes views of the beautiful lower falls. It is the least trodden trail and where you're most likely to spot the wonderful wildlife if you're quiet.

It is the most demanding of the three trails and is often uneven underfoot and includes a 200ft (61metre) incline from the lower falls back up to almost road level.

This trail takes you around our Purple Trail Paddock which is where you may find our gorgeous Shetland Ponies, Pride, Spirit and Nell (they rotate between this paddock and the one adjacent to the car park).

This Purple Trail adds an additional approximately 30 minutes onto the Red Trial and should only be attempted if you have a reasonable level of fitness and are confident on uneven ground. But, for those who are up for it, it is fun and well worth the effort with some stunning views of the lower falls.

Becky Falls is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and therefore all the walking trails are completely natural with steep steps, tree routes and boulders to negotiate. We are home to many rare species of flora and fauna. For you to enjoy these, our maintenance team have empathetically introduced steps and handrails where possible and appropriate. You need a fair level of fitness and be confident underfoot to complete any of the trails. We want to protect the woodland and its inhabitants for years to come and hope you understand our reasoning for asking you to keep to the paths and for keeping the woodland as natural as possible.

Kid’s activity pack

Get even more out of your visit by purchasing an Activity Pack from the gift shop. The packs are just £2.99 and contain lots of fun and educational activities including spotter guides.

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