Family Activities

Get out into the fresh air with the whole family - even the dog can come too!

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Meet-the-Keeper is a great opportunity to learn more about the animals from the people who care for them. Watch the animals being fed or enjoying their favourite activities. All our Keepers are highly qualified and love answering all your questions.

Check the 'What's On' board when you arrive to see the day's schedule!

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Children's Nature Trail Challenge

Find the Nature Trail Challenge signs on your way around the Blue Trail. Families of all ages have great fun discussing the questions on their way to the next board where you'll find the answers. There's also a little activity to complete to earn your FREE PRIZE!

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Three Walking Trails

Three different circular trails to explore!

Activity Pack contents

Activity Pack

Get even more out of your visit by purchasing an Activity Pack from the gift shop. The packs are just £2.99 and contain lots of fun and educational activities including spotter guides.

Google reviews


Feb 29, 2024.

We had a great time at Becky Falls, we (a 73 year old and one of us carrying a baby) followed the purple trail which takes you down alongside the river, through the ancient woodland, up a steep path through the woods and back along the other side of the river. So peaceful, incredible scenery and the informative signs along the route were a bonus. Personally not a fan of the animal area but the rest was definitely worth a visit.

Damian Cannon

Mar 26, 2024.

Becky Falls is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and have a mixture of age groups in your party. On one hand you can explore a very attractive environment via the several paths that loop around the falls and the river. And on the other there is a small but interesting range of animals for children to see and enjoy - especially if they like creepy-crawlies. I'm not sure that you could spend the whole day here, making it a slightly expensive excursion if you don't book in advance, but you can certainly fill a morning or an afternoon. There's also an on-site café that provides a reasonable range of standard dishes and these seemed to go down well with the kids. All in all Becky Falls was a worthwhile side trip and certainly easier than walking in the hills!

Amy-Louise Prescott

Mar 30, 2024.

Came to Devon for the weekend and Becky Falls gave us the experience we came for! We did the purple trail with a two year old. Not majorly difficult if able bodied but can be slippy if wet! Great day and the sound/views of those streams are captivating!


Apr 03, 2024.

beautiful park, the red and purple trail were very steep but the prettiest parts of the park by far, if you go during the wetter months, definitely bring some wellies and a good coat! overall an amazing place, even in the pouring rain

Lucy Williams

Feb 25, 2024.

Wonderful time with my bestie. I'm not overly active but was still able to do the red trail and I would suggest the red trail as you get to see so much of the waterfall and you can take it as slow as you need to. The staff are really friendly and we're amazing with the dogs even though mine was a little yappy 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣. Absolutely beautiful area and so cute to see the meerkats and farm animals.


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