Becky Falls mini zoo is home to an array of wonderful animals from pigs and ponies to skunks and meerkats.

Our experienced keepers hold talks on the hour every hour from 11am to 3pm where you can find out more about the animals, what they like to eat, their favourite things to do, down to their individual personalities.

In 2022 Sully and George our Giant Tortoises arrived. They very quickly became a firm favourite with our visitors who love watching them enjoying their food and taking a bath.

We also welcomed two mangalitsa pigs in January 2023 who are very much looking forward to meeting you all this year! Find out more about them at our 11am Meet-the-Keeper session.

Visit the Animal Discovery Zone and meet some of our more exotic residents. We have snakes and lizards and a fascinating collection of amazing invertebrates for you to learn more about.


Animal Experiences – coming soon!

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