Animal Events

12.00pm & 2.00pm: Animal Encounter.

Come along to our Animal Encounter and get up close to some of our friendly residents. Who will you meet today? They could be furry, scaly or even have 8 legs! No session is the same so join us in the Close Encounters Room at 12pm and 2pm daily.


Animal Feeding Sessions

11.00am: Rabbits

Say hello to our fluffy bunnies and help feed them their tasty breakfast. Meet at the wishing well by the Gift Shop.


1.00pm: Meerkats

Its lunchtime for our meerkats and you are invited to help feed them but be warned their food can be very wriggly! Meet at the Meerkat enclosure near the Café.


Petting guinea pig

3.00pm: Goats

Goat feeding time is always fun so come along and join in as our very friendly goats get up close for their favourite snack. Meet at the wishing well by the Gift Shop.


4.00pm: Owls

Watch our owls enjoy their dinner at the end of the day. Meet at the owl enclosure near the Café.