Reasonably flat but with some steep steps and other obstacles such as tree roots that can be a trip hazard. This walk can be completed in approximately 30-40 minutes at a leisurely pace. This walk contains the Childrens’ Nature Trail Competition.

Much more demanding with some steep descents and rocky climbs. Sound footwear is highly recommended. This walk will take approximately 45-50 minutes to do the full circuit (avoiding the short cut). This walk contains the Main Falls and also a Wildlife Discovery Trail Competition.

ONLY for the fit and well shod. Can be soft in places with many obstacles to negotiate and a tough 200 foot climb from the Lower Falls. This walk will add an extra 30 minutes to the Red Walk. This walk contains the Lower Falls, is the least trodden and can provide good sightings for bird and wildlife enthusiasts.

A tough clamber up, over and down some large boulders. You may get wet! Extra care must be taken when climbing here, as the boulders are usually moss-covered and can be very slippery.














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Relax in the licensed Woodland Cafeteria, or on its terrace overlooking the Becky Brook, where cream teas, snacks and delicious meals are available, with a selection of wonderful locally produced ice creams.

The cafeteria is open until half an hour before closing.

Sunday 22 October 2017, 20:49
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